Public Engagement

Recent Public Talks

On Gender and the Workplace,” podcast with Randomwalk Theory (随机游走),“ March 20, 2021 (in Mandarin). [script] [podcast link]

Gender Awakening, Care Crisis, and Made-in-China Feminism,” podcast with, Feb 6, 2021. [podcast link]

Panelist, “What Will the Trade War Mean for Class Politics?“, at the Long US-China Institute, UC Irvine. Dec 1, 2020. [watch video]

Care Crisis, Class Inequality, and ‘Made-in-China’ Feminism,” at Cambridge University China Forum, Nov 24, 2020.

Bring Political Economy Back to Gender Studies,” in Tsinghua Sociology Forum (“重回政治经济学的性别研究”,迷路与归途:清华社会学前沿云端论坛). August 13, 2020. [transcript]

Guest speaker, “Feminism, Gender, and Rural-Urban Migration,” Episode 3, Podcast series “In-betweeness” (女权主义,性别,与城乡迁移,“时差”博客系列3). July 21, 2020. [episode link]

To Live Is to Work: The Labor Question from the Perspective of Feminist Political Economy.” at People’s Food Sovereignty Forum (“生活即劳作——女权主义政治经济学视角下的劳动问题”, 人民食物主权论坛). July 11, 2020. [transcript]

Panelist, “Viral Politics: Left Perspectives on the World and China,” sponsored by Critical China Scholars, June 18, 2020. [watch video]

Weber, Marx, and Critical Sociology,Symposium on Max Weber, Zhejiang University Institute for Advanced Study in Humanities and Social Sciences (“韦伯、马克思、与社会学的批判性”, 云上思韦伯:马克斯.韦伯百年忌辰网络纪念论坛. 浙江大学人文高等研究院). June 14, 2020. [transcript]

“What Is ‘Essential Work’? Analyzing the COVID-19 Era from a Gender Perspective.” Center of Gender and Culture Studies, University of Shanghai for Science and Technology. May 19, 2020.

“The Racialization of the Coronavirus and Policy Action in China.” Center for Intercultural and Civic Engagement, University of Puget Sound. April 1, 2020.

Selected Commentaries

婦女先鋒或舉手機器?申紀蘭與「社會主義女權」還有討論價值嗎? 端传媒, July 5, 2020. [full-text access]

The Making of “Made-in-China Feminism”, with Angela Xiao Wu, in Sixth Tone, November 1, 2019.

她是革命女杰,也是有情有欲的普通人尖椒部落,May 23, 2018.

关于性别议题与其他社会不公的交叉中国数字时代,March, 9, 2018.

华盛顿妇女游行亲历者:历史不会如网页被消失新媒体女性,Jan 24, 2017.

是誰掏空了中國精英大學生的心? 端传媒,Nov 28, 2016.

她是美国最知名的华裔革命家,她说,要改变世界我们必须先改变自己(On Grace Lee Boggs),  女权之声, Oct 8, 2016.

评论女权的正确打开方式——驳《女权主义如何面对社会底层的性别歧视》女泉,Sept 22, 2016.

为什么西方女权更“低调”时,中国女权运动愈发“激进化”? 澎湃,Aug 2, 2016.

(Why is China’s feminist movement more ‘radicalised’ when western feminism is more ‘low key’? Pengpainet. Available at:

  • Cited in Wallace, C. (2019). Between state, market and family: Changing childcare      policies in urban China and the implications for working mothers. International Sociology

推动学界性别平等,我们能做些什么?”, 知識份子, Jan 2, 2016. (republished in 澎湃)

男人不敢喜欢的“铁姑娘”网易(原发),Aug 4, 2014. alternative link: 1.

女性避孕之殇:为何人流手术如此普遍女权之声,Feb 12, 2014.

我就不想生孩子怎么了?网易(原发), Dec 11, 2013. 豆瓣转载.

Media Coverage

Interviewed, “In China, Women Fill Gap in Heavy-Labor Industries,” The Wall Street Journal, August 10, 2021.

Quoted, “Gender imbalance: The China ceiling,” Chatham House, June 4, 2021.

Interviewed, “Why are Chinese women stigmatised in work after having a miscarriage?,South China Morning Post, April 12, 2021.

Quoted in “How Intel Got Blindsided by China’s Culture Wars,” Protocol, March 26, 2021.

“《你好,李焕英》的票房奇迹是女性的胜利吗?”  澎湃圆桌, March 13, 2021.

Quoted in “Pretty Lady Cadres: New Data Shows the Limits of Women’s Advancement in China’s Leadership,” China File, Dec 21, 2020.

Interviewed, “Nü Problems for China’s Economic Growth,” The Wire China, Dec 20, 2020.

Interviewed, “Un #moiaussi chinois,” La Presse, Dec 10, 2020.

Quoted in “Earth to Washington and Beijing: It’s not all about you,” POLITICO China Watcher, Sept 24, 2020.

Yige Dong: China Scholar featured in Hatches, Feb 14, 2020.

Quoted in “中國式愛國心從何而來?“, Oct 2, 2019.

Quoted in “Thwarted at Home, Can China’s Feminists Rebuild a Movement Abroad?ChinaFile, Aug 28, 2019.

推动学界性别平等,我们能做些什么?” research reported in The Paper (澎湃), Oct 25, 2017.

Obstacles Still to Hinder Development of Female Scientific Researchers: A Survey,” Collaborative research quoted and interviewed by Chinese Women’s Research Network, Feb 10, 2017.

社会阶层、女权主义与性别平等,” reported in Chinese Women’s Research Network, Sept 26, 2016.

Change Ideas and Advance Gender Equality in Academia,” interview by Chinese Social Sciences, Mar 2, 2016.

A Chinese Survey: Gender Discrimination Has Led Women to Quit Academia,” collaborative research featured in The Paper (澎湃), Jan 2, 2016.

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